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Welcome to Danville City Employees Federal Credit Union! Since 1948 our credit union has served the employees of the City of Danville, VA and their families.  Our members benefit from high dividend rates for deposit accounts and very low loan rates.

Our Services

Danville City Employees Federal Credit Union was created to become your best choice for any financial needs. We are here to provide the best services, low rates, and convenient terms. Our mission is to serve the employees of the City of Danville's changing needs with all the attention and care of everyone.

We provide:

Web Banking
Don't waste your time, gas, and money to make a payment, transfer the money, or check your account history. Get 24/7 access to your account without leaving your home with our online banking. All the information you may need is now on your computer.

Free Checking Accounts
No minimum opening deposit, per check charges, or monthly service fee with the ability to access your account anytime, anywhere.

Share Savings Accounts
The essential foundation of credit union savings with the minimum $5 balance requirement and $250 at all times to earn interests.

Auto & Other Vehicle Loans
Whether it is a car, truck, boat, or motorcycle, we have the right loan that meets your current needs. Experience the new level of assistance with our rates as low as 2.99%, flexible terms up to 72 months, and up to 100% financing options both for new and used vehicles. Auto refinancing is also available.

Credit Cards
Get a worldwide accepted and recognized credit card VISA to have some additional money wherever you go. No matter what happens, no matter how far you are from home, Danville City Employees FCU will always be your financial assistance, as close as your wallet.

Personal Loans
Cover all your current needs with our personal loans at competitive fixed rates as low as 7.99%. There are no prepayment penalties or late fees to make it comfortable to repay within the chosen period. Terms from 12 to 60 months are available.

Need cash fast? 15M Finance offers instant loan options that allow you to get money now without wasting time on gathering documents. If you're looking for instant cash, you're welcome to apply with any credit!

Make it possible to purchase a new home with all the fees kept to a minimum. All mortgages are held by the credit union and not sold.

Home Equity Loans
Your home is the key to various opportunities. Use it to improve your home, pay for a college education for your kids, or cover any other expenses.

Vacation & Christmas Loans
Don't settle for less. Spend your Christmas holidays the way you've always wanted to, or give yourself the dream vacation you deserve! We offer a special fixed APR to make your dream come true.

Secured Loans
Borrow up to the amount you have in shares and get back access to your funds after the loan is repaid. Our rates from 3.00% APR and flexible terms up to 60 months make it easier to repay without financial stress.

Didn't find the service you need in the list? Contact us for a detailed explanation and get our experts' guide on the full range of our products.